Top ten things I like about the bike (in no particular order)

  1. Speedometer which can be switched to kilometres. Seems trivial but it makes a big difference when checking you are complying with limits.
  2. USB socket. Satnav plugs straight in. Only thing is that my Garmin tells me it can’t do live traffic updates because it’s not using the in-car charging cable it was supplied with. There is clearly something special with that cable.
  3. Luggage. Is surprisingly tough and weather-proof. The large top box is well worth having.
  4. Center stand. Balanced really well and very easy to lift the bike on the stand. Will also allow me to climb on by standing on the footpeg.
  5. Side stand. Also allows me to climb on using the opposite footpeg. With the bike fully loaded it’s hard to swing one’s leg over the saddle.
  6. Crash bars. Not only protect the bike but make useful attachment points.
  7. Linked brakes. Wasn’t sure that I would like them but they certainly make for a good emergency stop.
  8. Handling. Handles really well – feels well planted on the road and hasn’t given me any nasty surprises.
  9. Engine. Might only be a 125 and struggles to pull a heavily laden bike but it is silky smooth, revs happily and is incredibly frugal.
  10. Fuel tank. That 14 litre tank means a range well in excess of 250 miles. That’s epic.

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